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Justin Bright

Professional Trainer
Founder of Humble Development

Justin Bright is the creator and founder of HUMBLE DEVELOPMENT. He started playing basketball at the age of 12, instantly falling in love with the game. He worked hard, training daily and through his growth received guidance from special individuals in New York City such as Coach Tippy, Jamel “530” Thomas, Kevin Jackson, Dennis Miller and Coach Lloyd. Mike Bruno, Moe Wheeler, Sherman Edmiston, and Desmon McCray.

Justin excelled in basketball and with his talent he’s traveled the world. He played college basketball in California at South Western College and Maritime College, which led him to play semi-pro. He has had the opportunity to work with companies such as Steady Buckets and FastBreak in New York City. These experiences have taught him the business aspect of training. Justin is also a trainer for Nike and Jordan, training in special sessions set up for elite players and clients.

Chasing his dream steered him to start training kids to play basketball. Humble Development was created in 2014 and since then has grown exponentially. Justin also created a middle school league under Humble Development called “The Humble League” which has a huge impact on the community in Brooklyn, New York and was expanded to a branch in Texas ran by Godfrey Mascall, a long time childhood friend. Justin prides himself in shaping the next generation of pro-athletes.

Justin has now trained multiple pro-athletes which include Zamal Nixon, Delroy James, Malcom Grant, Demonte Harper, Kenneth Faried, Jerel Blassingame, Wayne Martin, Demitrius Conger, Jeff Carroll, Jessie Sapp, Gary Irving, Kyle Hunt, Marcus Denmon, Andre Armstrong, Akeem Ellis, Marvin Roberts, Chris Smith, Gerald Colds, Michael Balogun, Jewell Crown, Bryce Jones, Brent Jones, Abdula Mills, Jamel Lynch, Kavon Lynch, Malik Boothe, Chaz Williams, Truck Bryant, Tymel Murphy, Kinu Rochford, Corin “Tiny” Adams, Niki Avery, Renee Taylor, Erica Morrow, Shakeya Leary, G’Mrice Davis among many more.

With training, he’s able to use his gift and help clients from all walks of life and skill levels to reach their highest and full potential. His motto he lives by is: “When you’re working hard, you must remain humble while you develop.” -Justin Bright

Humble Development

I created Humble Development to have a positive influence on people all around the world. God has given me a gift to train and teach the game of basketball. It’s going on my fourth year with my company that I’ve created and I must say the love and support it has received has been such a humbling experience. You never know your worth unless you add hard work to your lifestyle! I’ve trained over 300 people in the last four years and to some I am a mentor, big brother, coach, role model and positive male figure in their lives. It’s a honor to serve God as He uses me to bless all the people that I am able to cross paths with. The moral of the story is to keep your faith strong even when you have doubts and use your “time” wisely! God gives us all time! Most importantly create good karma for yourself! Thank you to everyone who has trained with me and who has shown nothing but love to the movement, the growth and progress of Humble Development. I truly appreciate it.